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Fronius Solar Inverter

In 1945 Mr.Gunter Fornious established the brand name called Fronius. It’s a European company located in Austria. The company grew up its battery charger manufacturing and become a prominent renowned brand in the industry. In 2010 , Fronius inverter establishes in the Australia office. Here they train people, sales products and give technical support for their products. Their Australian office located in Melbourn, customer support number +43 (7242) 241 3000. They produce one of the most expensive and best inverters in the market.

Fronius inverter are easy to ‘export limit’, you do not need to buy and extra Fronius Smart Meter (FSM) accessory to monitor your consumption. It has its build-in FSM software (Fornious SolarWeb monitoring software). It has 2 solar inputs(MPPTs). You can use these two inputs in two different roof’s panel power input. If you a set up east/west facing roof you can often put both the east and the west array into one input-and in second input you can add other roof area’s power like north-south.

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Inverter warranty of Fronius

All Fronius inverter provides 5 years plus 5 years warranty. If you register your inverter from here you will get the 5 years extra warranty. In addition, to the warranty certificate, the purchase invoice and commissioning record must have to be submitted to claim a 5 years warranty under the 5 plus 5 years warranty.

Under the Fronius warranty Plus transport(within Australia), material and labor costs will be covered by the company.

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Solar Inverter